Engineered timber beams are available in the following grades:
GL17C – H2 and H3 treated, GL21C Hardwood – Select Grade Spotted Gum, LVL – H2S Treated.

I-Beam: Easy. Lightweight. Uniform.

I-Beam is a unique combination of timber components and advanced technology to form a structurally efficient “I” section that is particularly suitable for use as floor joists.

Builders love them because they are lightweight, yet strong, making them easy to install and saving construction time, while at the same time providing floors that are more uniform, more rigid and that don’t “bounce”. The added bonus that all I-Beams are fully termite protected, provides comfort and security both for the builder and the homeowner as well.

Designers and specifiers appreciate that I-Beams provide them with greater design flexibility. The ability to span further, to eliminate piers or floor bearers and load bearing walls, provides a wide range of building design options. As well, knowing that I-Beam designs have proven structural integrity and are supported by engineer certified design software, designers and specifiers have the assurance that they can specify I-Beams with complete confidence.

Timber merchants and roof truss and wall frame manufacturers know that I-Beams are readily available from our selected suppliers and are available wholesale in job lots.

I-Beam is produced from renewable resources protecting our environment for future generations.


All I-Beams are T2 treated for protection against termites and borers. I Beams are not recommended for use in external, weather exposed applications.